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Above Beyond Sobriety

Myth # 1: “An addict has to want treatment in order for treatment to be successful."

Myth # 2: “An addict has to hit “Rock Bottom” in order to be helped.”

If someone you love is in jeopardy due to drug and/or alcohol addiction, don’t let these common myths about addiction keep you from doing everything in your power to help. A structured intervention by a skilled and experienced interventionist, can facilitate treatment for the addicted individual, as well as begin the healing process for their family and loved ones.

At Phil Plant & Associates, our team goes to great lengths to individualize each intervention and recovery plan. We customize each intervention using the most effective elements of contemporary intervention models to create an intervention unique to your loved one’s needs, and one that will set the foundation for the best possible outcome. Interventions do not have to be a traumatic experience, and our skilled interventionists go above and beyond to ensure that each intervention is as positive an experience as possible.

Addiction is a family disease, and from the initial consult throughout the recovery process, our staff is focused on helping everyone affected by this devastating disease. At Phil Plant & Associates, we realize that no family is equipped to understand, much less navigate, the disease of addiction. Our intensive pre-intervention work with all intervention participants helps structure a successful intervention, and lays the groundwork for recovery and healing, for both the addicted individual, and the family who loves them.
Your loved one can overcome the disease of addiction and have a wonderful life through recovery. Call Phil Plant & Associates for a free consult at 615-753-9724 or 910-616-9916, and let us help you “Reclaim Your Family from Addiction.”
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Achieving the Goal

Phil Plant & Associates has a 96% success rate of getting clients in treatment through intervention.

Therapeutic-based Interventions

Our clinical staff understands the challenges of mental health issues co-occurring with addiction.

We Emphasize Family

Addiction is a FAMILY DISEASE, and we do intensive pre-intervention work with the family.

Committed to Recovery

We help navigate the treatment and recovery process for three (3) months after the intervention.