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Phil Plant

Phil Plant

Phil Plant maintains a private counseling practices in Franklin, Tennessee and Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Since starting Above and Beyond Counseling Services in 2008, Phil has focused his energies on working with families in crisis. “In the first six years of my practice, I did a great deal of work with the Williamson County Court system, attorneys and the Department of Children’s Services (DCS). This was a unique opportunity to work with a wide-spectrum of families in crisis situations, and this experience gave me my first real look at the devastating consequences of drugs and alcohol, and the shattered families that deal with addiction. I have great respect for the Court, and still work with families who have drug and/or alcohol (A/D) related charges that stem from dependency and addiction. Judges most definitely prefer treatment and recovery over incarceration if at all possible. Recovery is “win/win” for our society.” Phil developed and implemented a variety of court-mandated programs for alcohol and drugs, anger management, co-parenting and parenting, and has testified in courts throughout the state as an expert in child and family dynamics.
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Although alcohol & drug work had always been a component of his practice, Phil began to realize a greater emphasis was needed.

“I began noticing a big spike in families reaching-out for help because of a family member’s addiction that was destroying their family. Families that I had worked with in the past, as well as new families, struggling with the devastation of addiction. Many had spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on treatment, only to find their loved ones back in the throes of addiction.”

In 2013, Phil started laying the foundations for transitioning the focus of his practice. “2013 was a crazy year. I was traveling the country visiting treatment facilities, sober-living homes, attending workshops and trainings, participating in “professional’s weekends,” attending treatment and recovery conferences, and forming relationships with leaders in the treatment and recovery community. This on top of seeing, on average, thirty-eight clients per week. It was exhausting, but worth it.”

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In 2013, Phil Plant & Associates: Intervention and Recovery Services, became the targeted focus of his counseling practice.

Phil Plant & Associates focuses on the addicted family system, and offers services including interventions, treatment consulting, and recovery management. “I have always believed that any type of therapeutic work requires three components: “Treatment Goals, a Treatment Plan and a Treatment Team.” Addiction and Dual-Diagnosis treatment is no different, with long-term recovery being the treatment goal. It is also imperative that the family of the addicted person finds its own healing. Living with addiction overwhelms and compromises family dynamics.”
When not on the road doing interventions, trainings/workshops or speaking engagements, Phil splits his time between Brentwood, Tennessee and Wilmington, North Carolina with his dog, ZIGGY. He is involved with various charitable organizations (children and Alzheimer/Dementia are two of his favorite causes), and is increasingly active in the movement to end the stigma associated with addiction. On occasion Phil “threatens” to start playing tennis again and “…dominate the senior circuit,” but seems relatively content playing fetch with ZIGGY.