Recovery and Intervention

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Recovery Management

Managing Recovery

Recovery Management/Treatment Consulting

Approximately 24 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Drug overdoses accounted for over 47,000 deaths in 2014, and over 88,000 were attributed to excessive alcohol use. While these statistics are staggering, helping a loved one who is battling addiction can be an intimidating and exhausting task. With over 15,000 treatment options for alcohol and drug dependency/addiction, deciding on the right course of action for your loved one can be completely overwhelming.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Phil Plant & Associates individualizes every aspect of treatment and recovery. We are integrated into a vast network of professionals and facilities to create a special course of treatment based on a patient’s specific needs. WE DO NOT HAVE FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH ANY TREATMENT CENTERS OR CLINICIANS, and therefore make our own treatment recommendations based solely on your loved one’s needs. These recommendations are always ones that are most conducive to long-term recovery.

Recovery begins with the decision to receive treatment, and is a journey that continues for life. Through our Recovery Management Program, Phil Plant & Associates continues as part of the treatment team, serving as a clinical liaison for the family and the treatment facility, and coordinating all efforts to ensure patient and family healing. We also help construct and implement an effective aftercare plan designed with long-term recovery in mind. Phil Plant & Associates works on your behalf, as advocate and consultant, to help ensure recovery success.
Recovery Management

Recovery Management


Treatment Placement

We find the appropriate facility based on your loved one’s clinical needs and financial feasibility.

Individualized Recovery Plan

From consult to aftercare, we structure a RECOVERY PLAN to meet your loved one’s needs.

Family Clinical Liaison

We serve as a clinical liaison with the treatment providers, ensuring the family is a part of the treatment process.


We work with the treatment team and family to structure an after-care plan designed for long-term recovery.